Home Study Questions for Foster Care

You adjudge you wish to be a advance parent. You appear classes. You do the accomplishments check. Then comes the home abstraction process. The home abstraction action for advance affliction can be continued and actual intrusive. Keep in apperception there is a acceptable acumen for the all-encompassing accomplishments analysis and home study. If you do so, you will be beneath fatigued by it. It depends aloft the agency, but you can apprehend your home abstraction annual to endure several hours over the advance of several days. The afterward are some capacity and questions which will acceptable be aloft of you and your cogent other:

Topic Number One: Your Accomplishments

You will accept an all-encompassing accomplishments analysis including, but not bound to:

  1. FBI fingerprints
  2. Employment accomplishments for at atomic 10 years
  3. A letter from your employer and possibly accomplished employers
  4. Letters of recommendation
  5. Credit check
  6. Physical and above-mentioned medical history including hospitalizations and brainy bloom counseling
  7. Statement of banking albatross which can cover pay stubs, IRS records, coffer annual statements and account planning. You don’t accept to be affluent but you accept to prove that you can be financially amenable for a adolescent absolute of advance affliction payments.

Topic Number Two: Why do you wish to be a advance ancestor and are you able for the implications of advance care?

Possible Questions include:

  1. Why do you wish to adopt?
  2. Fertility, if applicable: accept you bound any infertility issues? Accept you afflicted abundantly over your adeptness to conceive? What will appear if you are in the average of adopting a adolescent (or possibly adopting) and you conceive?
  3. How do you see getting a advance ancestor alteration your life? Are you able for those changes?
  4. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.
  5. What would added humans say about your adeptness to parent?
  6. What array of abutment arrangement do you accept in place? Are they accessible to the advance affliction process?
  7. Are you accommodating to advance accouchement with appropriate needs or adjustment considerations? Examples include: boyhood race, drug-exposed or absorbed children, affinity groups, earlier children, and accouchement with autism or brainy retardation.

Topic Number Three: Your Childhood

Possible questions include:

  1. Tell me about your childhood.
  2. Describe your parents’ relationship.
  3. How did your parents conduct you and your siblings? What would you do the aforementioned as your parents and what would you do differently?
  4. If you had agony in your childhood, how did you affected it or is it still affecting your activity today?

Topic Number Four: Your Accepted and Accomplished Relationships, including your own children, if applicable.

Tell us about your accepted (and past) relationships. On the home abstraction appliance you can apprehend you will charge to account all antecedent cogent relationships, what they were like and how they dissolved. In the annual you adeptness be asked added questions for clarification. You will be asked about your own accouchement and how they will acknowledge to you acceptable a advance parent. They adeptness even annual your children.

Topic Number Five: You’re Parenting Practices

  1. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. What would added humans say about your adeptness to parent?
  3. How will you band with a advance child?
  4. How will you accord with visits?
  5. Do you plan to use a Activity Book with your advance placements? How do you see yourself complex in this process?
  6. When the adolescent leaves your home and is reunited, how will you feel?
  7. How will you conduct your children?

This is your befalling to accent that you will affliction about the adolescent unconditionally. Accent that if you appointment problems you are accommodating to seek able advice to boldness them. The a lot of important affair is that you be honest. Intentionally denial or falsifying advice on a home abstraction is area for prosecution. Home abstraction worker(s) are a lot of anxious about your adeptness to parent, not whether accept a “perfect” life. They wish to see that you accept had problems and can affected them.